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LAMP Host's software stack is kept up to date weekly via Ubuntu's Long-Term-Service (LTS) software updates. This page details the current versions of commonly used server-side software.

Note: Due to Ubuntu's software versioning scheme, some software versions may appear vulnerable to exploits patched in later versions. While the major version numbers remain static, all server software receives backported security fixes, tagged with a backport revision number.

LAMP Stack

OS Distribution
Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS x86_64
Linux Kernel
3.8 series, updated via Ubuntu's LTS Enablement Stack
Apache Webserver (httpd)
Version 2.2.22
Version 5.5.31
Version 5.3.10
Opcode caching provided by default via eAccelerator

Other Software

Version 1.1.19
Version 5.14.2
Version 2.7.3
Version 4.8